Driving Range Policy

Damage caused by golf balls is the responsibility of the golfer.  Please do not hit range balls over the net, and be sure to follow up with the appropriate party when your ball strikes a home or vehicle.


To become a better golfer, one must spend time on the range.  However, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the practice facilities at Fairwood.  A-frame signs are located at the range and state: “Members/Guests with tee times have driving range priority 30- minutes before their tee times.  Members/Guests w/o tee times may be asked to stand aside, allowing those members with tee times access.”   Tee sheets are posted each day at the range so that Members can see if someone has a tee-time within 30-minutes or if they are just practicing.  If you are just practicing and you do not have a tee time within 30-minutes of your arrival, then please BE AWARE.  This means look around and if a member comes up to hit balls simply say, “if you have a tee time, I’m happy to let you hit”.   If a member asks if you have a tee time, please use proper etiquette and be polite and move aside. 


STUDENT MEMBERS AND JUNIORS WHO ARE JUST PRACTICING ON THE RANGE must utilize “Just Practicing Signs”.  These signs are located at the range.  Simply stick one in the ground behind you, or if you are practicing on the mats lay the sign down behind you.  Doing so will help reduce confusion.  If a student or junior member is just practicing, and has a sign behind them, other members who have a tee time can politely ask you to kindly step aside so they can warm up prior to their tee-time.   During busy times, other Members may utilize the “Just Practicing Signs” as a courtesy, but it is not required.